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Student Visas

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Student Visas

There are two types of student visas available to those seeking to further their education in the U.S..

  • The “F” visa is for individuals pursuing academic studies.
  • A student under the F-1 category must be enrolled in a “full course of study” in an academic education program, in a school approved for the attendance of foreign students. Such schools will have authority from the Department of Homeland Security to issue Form I-20.
  • The individual must be proficient in English or must be enrolled in English language courses. Individuals in F-1 status may not, without prior approval, engage in employment in the United States. In addition, the individual: must have sufficient funds available to support themselves for the entire period of study, they must maintain a residence abroad, and must intend to depart the U.S. upon completion of their studies.

F-1 visa/status permits a student who meets certain qualifications to remain in the country for the duration of his or her degree program

  • The “M” visa is for vocational studies.
  • Students under the “M” visa M-1 students are admitted into the United States to attend vocational or technical schools for a fixed time period.
  • They may stay for the length of their training program plus any optional practical training, followed by a thirty-day grace period at the end of their training. Their stay may not exceed one year unless they are granted an extension for medical reasons.
  • If a student violates M-1 status he or she will no longer be eligible for the grace period.

(Source: USCIS)

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